Herb Roots

 Herb Root Catalog

 Some of Our Herb Roots:

  Black Cohosh

  Blue Flag - Out


  Cardinal Flower

  Ginger, Wild


  Indian Pink

  Jack-in-the-Pulpit - Out

  Mallow, Swamp Pink - Out

  Mallow, Swamp White - Out


  Orris root

  Passion Flower

  Solomon's Seal

  Solomon's Seal False

  Solomon's Seal Variegated - Out

  Sweet Flag

  Trillium, White

  Turtlehead, White
  Yellow Flag

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Will Be Digging Roots Now, will ship starting 1st of November.

Hello! I am Larry Chandler of Fyffe, AL.  I would personally like to thank you for visiting our new site called HERB ROOTS!  For years, I have sold herb seeds over the internet at www.SandMountainHerbs.com & have seen the demand for easy-to-start herb roots over the often difficult to germinate herb perennial seeds. 

Herb Roots Ready to Sprout
Our wide selection of natural herbs found in the Northeast Alabama region ready to ship and grow in your own herb garden!  We dig the roots fresh for you and ship them quickly to ensure that you receive the freshest herb roots!  All roots are shipped between October & March due to the heat involved in shipping and the dormancy period of the herb root shipped. 

Wide Variety of Herb Roots
We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of herb roots for your ordering pleasures. We have everything from blood root to mayapple roots to the ginseng roots.



  Herb Roots c/o Larry Chandler  321 County Road 18  Fyffe, AL 35971  Email: askus@herb-roots.com